Our “Living Green” Commitment

Living Green is Clayton Hotels environmental movement, inspiring care for our environment as a “Way of Life” for our people and our guests.

  • Dalata hotels are accredited by Green Tourism. Green Tourism promotes ways for business and organisations to operate sustainably.
  • “Environmental Impact Teams” made up of team members in each of our hotels are continually working to find ways for us to reduce our impact on the environment.

Your Comfort

The comfort and well-being of you, our guest is our top priority. We would be delighted if you could assist us in our efforts to provide environmentally ethical hospitality by following a few simple steps during your stay with us.

  • Water- Please help us conserve water, refrain from leaving taps and showers running when not in use.
  • Power – Please switch off all lights, TV, phone chargers when not in the room.
  • Food Waste – With your help we can make a big difference to reduce food waste. A key area of opportunity to reduce food waste is at the breakfast buffet. We replenish our buffets throughout breakfast service. We encourage when going to the buffet that you put smaller amounts on your plate and go several times if needed. Smaller plates but an extra visit is the way to go.

What can I put in the bedroom recycling bin?

At Dalata hotels we separate our bedroom waste into two key categories, General Waste & Recyclables. To help us in our goal to recycle as much waste as possible we offer two bins in our rooms, one for recyclable materials in the bedroom and one for all other waste in the bathroom.

What you can recycle in the bedroom bin:

  • mixed paper
  • cardboard
  • empty plastic bottles
  • plastics
  • drink cans & cartons
  • metals

Environmentally Friendly

Join your fellow guests in helping to save the environment today. The majority of people who stay in our hotel participate in the towel reuse program.

To help us and join your fellow guests we ask you to please support this initiative:

  • Towels on the floor means- Please replace them.
  • Towels on the rail/hanging up means- I will use them again to help the environment.